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Travertine vessel sink , Travertine farm sink 

What is travertine?
Travertine is a crystalline form of calcite that occurs in massive form. The material is most often found around the rims of hot springs and streams because it develops through the separation of calcium carbonate from water via the process of evaporation.
Typically banded, travertine is generally quite beautiful in appearance, exhibiting a variety of colors depending upon the impurities it contains. The material, which is also easy to cut and highly polishable, therefore, is often utilized as an ornamental stone. It is sometimes better known as Egyptian alabaster, onyx marble, or Mexican onyx when sold commercially for interior walls, floors, balustrades, stairways, and similar items. Travertine is also often utilized in combination with other types of marble, further increasing the magnificence of many decorative objects it is commonly utilized to construct.

rico stone travertine products include travertine vanity top, countertop, stone vessel sink,travertine vessel sink , travertine farm sink farmhouse sink.
Color avaliable : yellow travertine , red travertine, cream travrtine , brown travertine , walnut travertine ,

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